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How To Hack Someones Facebook?

Is it really possible to learn on how to hack someone’s Facebook account password in 2019?

Back then, there were many websites that claimed to teach you on how to hack someone’s Facebook account by using their websites or apps for Android or iOS.

There are many secured websites out there and one of them is Facebook, and it is one of the biggest technology company in the world.

Some people even build websites and apps to make it look legit that facebook hack is really free and possible. They put a lot of spam ads and make people to install some adwares or even an android app for you to be able to use their website or app.

How To Hack A Facebook Account Easily in 2020?

As time goes by technology is improving, so is Facebook. The tech giant is becoming more popular. They are getting better and their website securities, especially their algorithm. The Facebook password is uncrackable AKA unhackable unless you are so good at what you do.

There is a page dedicated for security researchers AKA the best hackers that found some flaws or hack into someone’s Facebook. You can find the list by going to this link https://www.facebook.com/whitehat/thanks/

Here’s what Facebook says about the hackers that got into their system or found flaws:

On behalf of over a billion users, we would like to thank the following people for making a responsible disclosure to us:
Those are the legit hackers and they did not use any websites or apps to hack into Facebook’s security. So, do not believe what you see on the internet that you need to download some software, apps or online hacker tools because those are not real. I have seen a website that claims to be a Facebook messenger hack.
If you are serious to learn more about security and how is it possible to hack into someone’s Facebook, then see these links:

Those websites above will help you to have a better understanding in website security. Unlike the fake websites that “can” hack Facebook account that will just infect your computer, android devices or iOS.

If you are trying to find some apps or tools online that claims to have a Facebook friend request hack for free then you will just disappoint yourself. Because there are no such thing that is really working, you will just find some spam websites and apps.

This is what the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg says about the security of Facebook:

“We’re taking it really seriously.”

See, even the former hacker, CEO now; Mark Zuckerberg said it. They are taking Facebook’s security seriously so hackers would take a hard time or would not crack or hack Facebook password at all. And you will not be searching on how to hack into someone’s Facebook because Zuckerberg will not definitely allow it to happen.

Here Are The Example Of Spam Website Pages That You Will Find If You Search How To Hack A Facebook Account Password For Free

This is what it looks like when you google, how to hack somone’s facebook and pressing the enter button.

facebook hack spam websites
Do not waste your time with those spam websites above and will only lead you to never ending searching for the working Facebook account hacker which does not exist.
I don’t know why Google still let those websites be on top results, when they are not all real. Google algorithm still doesn’t how to spot a if a website is real or not.
If you are really serious about pen-testing (web penetration testing) and web security, here are the sites that can help you get started:


1. Plural Sight – pluralsight.com

You will have a career in ethical hacking, InfoSec, and cyber security if you choose to sign up with Pluralsight.

They will give you a certification when you finish your course online. Plural Sight will not teach you to hack someone’s Facebook account literally but teach you to understand how the web security works.

They will help you with the basics and guide you to be better.

2. Udemy – udemy.com

This one has a very wide variety of courses including the free ones which you can even download online.

Udemy is very popular because of its very detailed tutorial on specific things that you like. You can read this page if you want to know more about Facebook hacking tools online.

Sometimes, they have some sales througout the year that you need to wait, especially black Friday deals and sales.

3. Guru99 – guru99.com

Guru99 is for beginners that are willing to know about website security. You will learn some news things and will be entertained by reading their tutorials and articles.

And no, please if you are looking for some tips on how to hack someone’s Facebook private profile or photo, you will be disappointed. You will no find anything like that on there.

Also there is no tutorial on how to hack Facebook messenger conversations, or even the secret conversations because those are not ethical at all.

4. HackerOne – hackerone.com

The HackerOne is famous to some legit and ethical hackers because this is the website that they use to post their unverified bugs from some popular websites like Facebook, Microsoft and eBay.

If you need some Facebook hack news, then HackersOne is the right place to see the latest happening about finding bugs on Facebook.

If someone, tells you about hacking a Facebook account using a URL online or a username then do not believe them. There is no such website that does something like that.

5. ClassCentral – classcentral.com

Oops, another one that will not teach you how to hack into someone’s Facebook easily without downloading anything or learning anything.

This one has a 2 week long course, after that I’m sure you already got some tips or ideas that you can use for pentesting.

Life is not easy as 1,2,3. Trust me, it will take you years to learn and understand how the encrypting and decrypting work. You can’t just download a tool and learn how to hack Facebook then just hack people’s Facebook account easily and instantly.

6. Prepaway – prepaway.com

Prepaway is worth it. That’s all I can say. They have questionnaires that you can download and answer the questions. They are not free though but it is worth a try.

There is a trial that you can use if you decide to continue then good. You won’t waste any time by reading their tutorials because they you can try it what you learn right away.

Try it, man. You got nothing to lose. You are here for learning anyway.


The simple answer is NO. You cannot hack into someone’s Facebook account by using spam websites or installing some programs that resembles Facebook. So, don’t waste your time, man. Learn real stuff and apply it, test it. There is no software that you will just press a button and wait for it to decrypt or crack a Facebook password for you.

If that software is available then contact us and we will even pay you if you find something like that.

I’m telling you, alright? those website are just earning money with every click and view from you. Dont be fooled by them. They just dont work, really.